heaven2earth news: updated 24th January 2006

thank you & well done

The heaven2earth concerts are now finished, and Christmas has come and gone
Today (24th Jan 2006) we have presented a cheque for 22,000 to Tearfund's Dave Cooper
The CD and DVD have sold brilliantly - definitely East Suffolk's Christmas Number ONE 2005 !
We also had an excellent run of concerts from the 5th to the 9th December
Over the 5 nights we had almost 1000 children on stage singing and around 3000 people watching
as well as a cast of some 60 people on stage as singers, dancer and in the band

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Recording started in March and finished with the children's recording in October
The filming for the DVD started in June with Simon Thomas,
followed by dance shoots for some of the songs.
Since then we have filmed the children performing the songs and editing was completed mid November

Felixstowe TV news has video 'documentary' features on some of the recordings.
click here for part 1 - rhythm section recording feature - 17th March 2005
click here for part 2 - core vocal recording feature - 7th April 2005
click here for part 3 - solo vocal recording feature - 12th May 2005
click here for part 4 - video shoot for 'heaven to earth' song - 22nd July 2005

click here for part 5 - the recording of the Children at Felixstowe - 15th October 2005
click here for the children singing at the turning on of the Christmas lights on CD release day - 26th November 2005

BBC Radio Suffolk is also following the project
click here for Rachel Sloane's first piece on the project - broadcast on 13th May 2005
click here for the second Radio Suffolk report - broadcast on the 10th July 2005

click here for the fourth Radio Suffolk report, broadcast on the 11th November
click here for the fifth Radio Suffolk report, broadcast on the 27th November