heaven2earth Schools

We are delighted to have had 24 Primary & Junior Schools in the East Suffolk area on-board for this exciting project

Felixstowe Schools
Causton Junior, Colneis Junior, Grange Primary, Kingsfleet Primary
Langer Primary, Trimley St Martin Primary, Trimley St Mary Primary
 Fairfield Infants and Maidstone Road Infants

Ipswich Schools
Henley Primary, Sidegate Primary, St. John's C.E.V.A.P., St. Margaret's C.E.V.A.P.
St. Mary's Catholic Primary, St. Matthews C.E.V.A.P., Rushmere Hall School, Withesham Primary School

Woodbridge Schools
St Mary's Primary, Woodbridge Primary, Kyson Primary, Sandlings County Primary
Creeting St Mary, New Street Primary, Eyke Primary, Otley Primary